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Will Drug Allergy go Away?

Some medications can result in allergic reactions known as ‘drug allergies’. In this instance, the drugs are medicines people take to become healthy. An allergic reaction can occur with prescription but will drug allergy go away. Drug allergies can be either be less intense, moderate, or severe. While some may occur in several matters of minutes, others may take days to manifest. Some allergies are so intense and life-threatening. Mild drug allergies can go away after stopping the medicine. Severe reactions usually require hospital admission.

What is a drug allergy?

A drug allergy occurs when your immune system overreacts to a chemical in medications. Allergic reaction is a way in which your immune system fights certain medications. However, will drug allergy go away? Drug allergies are usually mild, and the symptoms fade after several days. But some drug allergies can be severe.

After having an allergic reaction to a drug, you will always be allergic to that drug. You can also become allergic to similar drugs.

How common are drug allergies?

Usually, drug allergies statistics are scary. This is because the person simply stops the medication without a doctor’s knowledge. Tests on drug allergy sufferers show that only a few have a true allergy. One study found 1 in 10 people who thought they were allergic to penicillin. Often these individuals thought penicillin led to childhood rash.

How is a drug allergy treated?

Usually, stopping the medication is enough. Some drug allergies may require treatment such as steroid or antihistamine tablets. Sufferers of severe drug allergies may receive an epinephrine auto-injector. Your doctor will guide you on how to use it. If you suffer from serious allergies, you may require emergency medical treatment.

Over the counter (OTC) antihistamines may help with mild allergic reactions. Mild allergic reactions include sneezing, runny nose, itchy mouth, vomiting, or stomach upset. You may require prescription medicine if OTC medications fail to work. 

The best way to stop a drug allergy is to stop using the medication that causes it. You can switch to different medications after consulting your physician. Also, your doctor may try a method called desensitization. This method involves taking small amounts of the medicine that caused your reaction. Under your doctor’s supervision, you can slightly increase your dosage.  This allows your immune system to better accommodate the medicine. After this, your allergic reactions may go away. 

Will drug allergy go away?

Most people with drug allergies usually recover after stopping the medication. However, allergies such as rash can take 10-14 days to fade. People with severe allergies reactions may require a longer period to get better. Also, age plays a role in determining if allergies will go away. Older people may need more time to be free from allergies than young people. 

Bottom line

So, will drug allergy go away? While there is currently no cure for allergies, several prescription medications may relieve symptoms. Avoid taking medications that cause allergies. In some cases, individuals may outgrow an allergy, it becomes less intense with age. However, if your drug allergy won’t go away, contact a healthcare professional immediately.