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Why More Athletes are Using Marijuana

Cannabis has gained a lot of attention over the last couple of years. After decades of being considered a gateway drug, many states are now legalizing it again. This has attracted many users including athletes to consider using the miraculous plant or CBD for athletes .

Cannabis contains chemical compounds that offer benefits to athletes. When your body undergoes five to ten workouts in a couple of days, you will experience some wear and tear. These effects can be disturbing for some athletes especially after leaving it for long and it has made many athletes begin searching for alternative treatments to traditional medicines to help relieve the aches, pains, and inflammation that comes from doing heavy workouts.

How CBD and THC Work for Athletes

CBD and THC are the primary cannabis compounds responsible for the potent effects of cannabis. CBD is known for its powerful medicinal effects suitable for patients who want relief while THC offers strong psychoactive effects suitable for recreational use.
Athletes can’t use THC before training or workouts due to its ability to make users high. Also, the high THC can make athletes fail a drug test. Therefore, athletes are recommended to use cannabis strains with higher concentrations of CBD and also try to use high-quality CBD oil free from any additives.

The Benefits of CBD for athletes

• It increases productivity during training
• It boosts stamina
• CBD lessens pain and soreness
• It reduces inflammation
• It relieves anxiety in sports
• CBD enhances sensory perception
• Helps with Insomnia and other sleep problems

Most athletes that consume cannabis for either recreational or for their workout regimen claim that it can enhance their performance.

Marijuana vs Alcohol for athletes

Although cannabis can improve performance in athletes when taken in the form of joints or CBD oil, most serious athletes usually consume cannabis as a way to relax their bodies when they’re not training. Most athletes are now substituting alcohol for cannabis due to the following reasons:

Cannabis isn’t metabolized the increase urine production as alcohol does, which means you won’t be running off urinating after cannabis use.
Hangovers from alcohol can be bad for athletes especially when they have training. Nonetheless using cannabis as a better way to relax won’t result in any hangovers.

Cannabis can enhance sleep and relieve you from any negative thoughts. Unlike alcohol, cannabis won’t make you dehydrated. This makes cannabis a great alternative for athletes who want to relax.

Should cannabis be used by all athletes during training?

As with most other drugs, cannabis use in athletes also has some setbacks. Most athletes find it difficult to control their weight after alcohol use. This is because cannabis reduces your weight and increases your appetite. Therefore, if you are an athlete hoping to control your weight, cannabis can work against you. Furthermore, like any other drug, cannabis isn’t permitted in sports. If you consume cannabis for competitive activities, then you might get banned. To avoid law issues, try to use cannabis only for recreational purposes and avoid taking it to the field.