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Why Drug Testing is Bad?

why drug testing is bad

Workplace testing of drugs is a must in most companies. However, while it’s essential to drug test employees, it remains a controversial practice. The practice of drug testing employees can make you lose talent which is bad for the company. Thus, there are several reasons why drug testing is bad. Here’s what you need to know about the pros and cons of drug testing.

The Pros of drug testing

There are reasons testing of drugs is good and unacceptable. The company may want to keep the workforce safe and free from unnecessary accidents. In this case, the company needs drug tests. In that regard, workplace drug testing offers many pros.

  • It promotes safety in the workplace

Regular workplace drug tests promote safety in the workplace. When employees are aware of regular drug screening, they don’t use drugs. This leads to fewer impaired workers and a low risk of accidents.

Drugs can influence businesses in different ways. Companies dealing with heavy machinery require drug tests. This is because workers under the influence of drugs can mishandle machinery leading to accidents.

  • It reduces company liability

Accidents that occur on company premises usually come back to haunt the employer. When a company fails to maintain a safe working environment, it becomes liable for sanctions. Therefore, regular drug tests can protect the company from legal action by identifying employees who use drugs.

  • It keeps employees responsible

Companies that test their employees regularly promote responsibility among the employees. The workers become aware that they need to stay accountable and clean to continue working. Companies use workplace drug testing to keep employees accountable and prevent any future drug problems.

  • It saves the company’s finances

An employee who uses drugs is likely to cause an accident. The sanctions from this accident will mostly lie on the employer. Common fees for accidents include potential legal fees, personnel injury, damage to company property, and more. Regular testing of employees for drugs prevents potential accidents from happening. It also saves the company from financial burdens due to accidents.

The Cons of Workplace Drug Testing

Although workplace screening is a great practice, there are several reasons drug test is not good. Here are a few cons of drug tests.

  • It’s a huge expense

One of the biggest reasons why drug testing is not good is the additional expense to the company. Drug test isn’t free, and large companies pay large fees to drug test employees. 

  • It violates employee privacy

Another reason drug test is unsatisfactory is that it violates employee privacy. Many employees believe that drug test invades and infringes on their right to privacy. This makes a lot of employees hate drug tests.

Companies that implement mandatory drug testing experience a decrease in employee morale and productivity. Therefore, employers should be mindful before putting drug test procedures into effect.

Bottom line

The pros and cons of workplace drug testing are something employees need to consider. If employers know why drug testing is bad or good, they won’t make it mandatory. Companies must also consider the thought of their employees. If employees don’t want drug tests, then they should not force to do so.