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Why do People Misplace their Marijuana Cards?

If you lost a medical marijuana card you might feel bad. However, you don’t have to lost hope a medical card replacement can be restored within two weeks. For this to be possible, you need visit the official page of the medical marijuana program. Afterwards fill out the form in order to recover the document.

The steps for medical card replacement are similar for all patients who lost the card. It’s also a similar process for those who didn’t receive it in one month after applying through the website. For medical card replacement, you will need to fill in the form and place a request for a card replacement. In this request you will state your purpose for applying.

If you lost your card, type “card lost” in the form. If you lost the card during the process and failed to get it, type “the card has never been received” in the application.

Placing an application for medical card replacement requires you to enter accurate information. Most often, MMJ cards fail to reach their destinations due to mistakes when indicating the address.

What’s the process for replacing stolen MMJ cards?

The demand for medical card replacement increases daily. This is due to excess card stealing. Medical marijuana card gives you access to high- quality cannabis. If you lost a card, the steps for regaining the license will be the same as that of failed delivery of the card.

The only difference is that in case of theft, you need to contact the police so that they can record the fact of robbery of the medical card. This makes it easy to recover your license. Furthermore, you must specify that the card was stolen when filling the website.

To begin your medical card replacement, you have to do the following:

A replacement card is $25 for a first and $50 if you replace again. When you request a replacement, your old card will become inactive. You can request a replacement card from within the ‘Profile Settings’ tab of your patient/caregiver account.

  • Log in to your account.
  • Choose “Create a new application” – “Replacing the patient/caregiver card.”
  • Anticipate a respond in two weeks

The official website allows you to update your private data in the event of changes. For example, if you leave in a different location, you must make the corresponding changes on the page. In such circumstances, you must choose “Create a new request” – “update the patient/caregiver” in the account layout. After updating your status, you will obtain an electronic notification.

A lost medical marijuana card is something not to worry about because the document is easily restorable. Nonetheless, patients who regularly use of cannabis infused medications have to update frequently. Otherwise, you may lack medical cannabis for several weeks.


The process for medical card replacement applies to both caregiver cardholder and patient cardholder. As a member of the medical cannabis program, you must be aware that any changes concerning the card are announced on the official website.