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Which Marijuana Strain Is Best for Migraines?

The rise in workplace stress leads to migraines in some workers. Unfortunately, prescription pills for migraines usually come with side effects. And that’s where cannabis comes in. Knowing which marijuana strain is best for migraines will help improve the lifestyle of workers. Marijuana offers pain-relieving properties which can reduce pain from headaches.

Medical marijuana patients searching for migraine relief have numerous options. There exist many cannabis strains which can bring migraine relief. This article focuses on which marijuana strain is best for migraines.

OG Kush

This is a popular cannabis strain in many dispensaries and CBD stores. OG Kush is one of the best strains to relieve migraines because of its powerful sedative effects. OG Kush is a hybrid cannabis strain with high THC levels and low CBD levels. It’s high THC percentage of up to 20% can help with migraine pain.

While its CBD content is low, it can relieve pain in the long run. Novice cannabis users should ensure to start with small amounts and slowly increase the amounts. This is because OG Kush hits hard when you consume heavy amounts. 

Purple Kush

This strain can induce sleep which helps with migraines. Consuming moderate amounts of Purple Kush will help induce a numbing sensation that can promote sleep. Purple Kush is a pure indica strain that contains high amounts of THC and low amounts of CBD.

Its THC levels reach 22% while its CBD levels reach 0.1% CBD. The high THC levels can soothe the intensity of migraines. While its CBD levels are low, the power of this strain lies in its THC content. Since this strain is heavy hitting, it’s best to use it before bed.


If you are thinking about which marijuana strain is best for migraines remedy comes to your aid. Remedy is a powerful indica strain that can remedy migraines. While purple Kush has high THC content, remedy has high CBD content. Its CBD content reaches as high as 15% which helps to have brain soothing effects. Remedy produces feelings of relaxation, which is essential in combating migraines.


This strain is great for migraine sufferers who prefer CBD to THC. ACDC is a sativa dominant strain with a high CBD ratio. Its CBD levels can reach as high as 19% while its THC levels are very low. ACDC can reduce inflammation, which is one of the primary causes of migraines. ACDC also combats anxiety and depression which usually accompanies migraines.

Since ACDC is rich in CBD it provides a happy and calm feeling. For those searching for which marijuana strain is best for migraines, ACDC is at your disposal. You can find it in most dispensaries and CBD stores.

Bottom line

Migraine sufferers looking for which marijuana strain is best for migraines have several options. Before consuming any of these cannabis strains, try to catch the migraine before it knocks you out. If you consume these strains when the migraine is already intense then it might work slower. Also, remember to start low and go slow with all these strains.