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Where Marijuana Was First Discovered

Most people use cannabis in different forms and for different health conditions. The outstanding benefit of cannabis makes many people ask where marijuana was first discovered. Cannabis or marijuana was on planet earth 28 million years ago. About 4000 years ago, it was a popular cash crop among Chinese farmers. Cannabis was also popular for its use as fiber to make rope, clothing, and paper.

But how did this miraculous plant migrate across the globe, leaving such a psychedelic presence? Cannabis history is massive and diverse and cuts across all continents.

If you ask people where marijuana was first discovered, you will get different answers. Most people believe cannabis is from central Asia. Others say cannabis is from the Middle East, while others say Spain and Morocco to the Middle East. However, the native root of cannabis is still a mystery.

However, most sources say marijuana’s origin is Central Asia. It was from this continent before it spread quickly throughout the world. The reason why cannabis is from central Asia is because of the climatic conditions. Cannabis grows under the sun and glaciers make it impossible for cannabis to thrive. 

Important dates in marijuana history

One of the earliest uses of ancient cannabis in books was hemp rope. This incident was in the Czech Republic in 2900 BC. The first use of marijuana in ancient times as medicine dates to 4000 BC. The Siberian Pazyryk tribes were popular for using cannabis seeds for their nutritious qualities. The burning of cannabis during burial mounds was also popular amongst them dating back to 3000 BC. The discovery of cannabis in Yanghai Tombs in Xinjiang’s Turpan Basin dates to 2500 BC.

The first person to consume cannabis goes to Chinese herbalist, Emperor Shen Nung. Around 2700 BC he had a classification of more than 365 medicinal herbs, still in usage. His understanding of the cannabis plant shows its use for rheumatism, malaria, gout, and more. Around 2000 BC cannabis was in existence in Korea and Japan by way of China.

How long has marijuana been around?

Cannabis existence goes to the nomadic Indo-Europeans. They usually harvest cannabis for rituals and burial customs. While they were roaming the Altai Mountains, they took cannabis to Iran and Anatolia. This was between 2000 and 1400 BC. These mountains are significant even today, becoming part of the Silk Road. The Scythians have attributes to the history of marijuana. The use of cannabis in numerous social rituals was also popular by the Greek historian, Herodotus.

The Silk Road was important in cannabis moving to Greece, Egypt, and Africa. A sign of cannabis during the 19th dynasty is seeing cannabis pollen in the tomb of Ramses II.

The Scythians are popular actors in cannabis history. History says they are responsible for taking cannabis to Russia and Ukraine. In 3000 BC the plant spread to Eastern Europe. It then spread to Finland, Bulgaria, Lithuania, and Poland.

Cannabis spread to India as it was a popular recipe in a drink called “bhang,”. Indians are also popular for smoking cannabis resin for its medical value.

Cannabis then spread to Morocco where the popular hashish came into existence. Also, around the 13th-century cannabis spread to Eastern Africa through Egypt. It then spread to Ethiopia through trade merchants.

Final Thoughts

The real place where marijuana was first discovered is mysterious. History books say it’s central Asia. But from several viewpoints, it shows that cannabis goes way back than we think. What we can confirm is the role of cannabis in ancient spiritual, religious, and ceremonial rituals. This signifies cannabis as a special plant that deserves respect and admiration.