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Where Marijuana Originated

Cannabis is possibly the oldest crop known by humans, but do you know where marijuana originated? Traditionally, weed was said to originate from Central Asia around the Mongolian steppes and Altai Mountain range. Other studies suggest the plant originated in Tibet, however.

Some researchers suggest the origins of cannabis lies in Pakistan’s Hindu Kush region around 2.3 million years ago. Some studies suggest that small amounts of the cannabis plant that spread across Southwestern Asia became Cannabis indica. Another type of cannabis, Cannabis ruderalis, was popular in Siberia. Cannabis sativa grew wildly around the Caucasus Mountains and Balkans.

Excavations show where marijuana originated

During the Excavation of a Neolithic site dated from 10,000 BC in Yuan-shan Taiwan, there was a lot of revelations. There was pottery with hemp cord marks on the surface and a stone beater used to beat hemp. There was another discovery of hemp ropes in former Czechoslovakia which predates the Taiwanese site by over 17,000 years.

Sadly, there has been no discovery between these two dates. However, since the rope came from Central Europe, it means that did not originate in Asia. Maybe it was used for centuries before spreading to Europe. However, if the plant spread millions of years ago as researchers predict, then maybe other Homo species used it as well.

Other excavations have revealed several textile articles made from silk and hemp. These items were discovered in a Chinese Neolithic site and were dated to 4,000 BC. At this time, the Yangshao economy of the Yellow River valley was heavy users of cannabis. Archaeologists have proof that the Yangshao people wore hemp clothing and created hemp pottery. They used hemp seeds for oil as well as for cooking.

Important dates in the history of cannabis

600 BC – Hemp rope is first utilized as a part of the region that is presently southern Russia.

70 BC – Marijuana shows up as a prescription in a diary kept by one of Nero’s armed force doctors.

100 AD – Hemp rope shows up in England.

130-200 AD – Marijuana endorsed as a drug in Greece

200 BC – Industrialized Hemp as a material is first utilized as a part of Ancient Greece.

500 AD – The Jewish Talmud discusses cannabis’ euphoric properties.

850 AD – Viking utilization of hemp rope is found dating to this time.

1000 AD – Industrialized Hemp shows up in Italy for use in rope and sails.

1271-1295 AD – Marco Polo reports back to Europe about cannabis utilization.

1533 AD – King Henry arranges all ranchers to develop hemp for the industry.

1600 AD – England begins to import industrialized hemp.

During the Middle Ages in Europe, cannabis was popular as a pharmaceutical drug. Marijuana was a common remedy for cough, jaundice, and tumors. Nonetheless, doctors at that time still warned users about using too much cannabis- stating that high amounts could cause sterility and other unsafe conditions.

The origination of cannabis over the last century has played an important role in our history. After many years of being an illegal drug, cannabis is now gaining momentum.

Bottom line

Where marijuana originated is still a question most people are not certain about. However, the excavations of ancient sites could potentially show their true origin. Also, ancient books point to a Chinese origin. As the plant becomes more widespread studies into its origin will come to light.