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What Type of Drug Test Does Home Depot Use?

Big companies such as Home Depot usually conduct drug tests on employees. However what drug test does Home Depot use? Find out more in this article.

Most people believe that Home Depot uses a saliva test to test for drugs. This occurs by taking a swab around the mouth. Afterward, the test goes to a third-party testing facility under Home Depot.

Home Depot also reportedly conducts urine tests. However, this works for random drug testing or testing due to suspicions in the workplace.

What Is Home Depot’s Drug Policy?

The company’s employee handbook shows that it aims to provide a safe and healthy workplace for everyone.

Home Depot works to provide a safe environment by operating a drug-free policy. This means that workers can’t consume drugs on duty. Workers must not also possess drugs on-premises or arrive at work under the influence of drugs.

Home Depot employees usually sign a contract agreeing to the drug-free work policy of the company. If any worker violates this policy, they will lose their jobs at Home Depot.

What drugs are illegal at Home Depot?

Home Depot drug tests for numerous illegal substances. This includes drugs that affect the employee’s ability to work effectively.

Here are some common drugs Home Depot tests

  • PCP
  • Cannabis
  • Amphetamines
  • Cocaine
  • Narcotics and other illegal drugs

When Does Home Depot Conduct Drug Tests?

Home Depot conducts drug tests after suspicions at work. You might get into an accident and the company suspects of drug use.

New applicants who want to work at Home Depot will also need to take a drug test. This ensures that the company operates a drug-free workplace.

Usually, workers only take drug tests after applying at Home Depot. Afterward, Home Depot only conducts drug tests due to suspicions or accidents in the workplace.

Does Home Depot Conduct Random Drug Tests?

Home Depot rarely conducts random drug tests on workers. Nonetheless, if you act weird at work, the company will conduct a drug test.

Home Depot usually prefers to take urine samples as the best way to test employees for drugs. They also use third-party labs which later send them the results.

You can’t resume work at Home Depot until your drug results are out. Furthermore, if you test positive then you will lose your job. If your results come out negative, you will resume your work. 

Can you deny a drug test At Home Depot?

It’s your right to deny a drug test at Home Depot. However, you will likely lose your job due to failure to comply with the drug-free policy.

Moreover, if you are not available on time for the drug test you will lose your job at Home Depot.

Bottom line

So, if you’re still wondering what drug tests Home Depot use, then you have an answer. Home Depot drug tests new employees and current employees to ensure a drug-free workplace.

New employees must agree to the drug tests before they begin working for Home Depot. The company usually prefers mouth swabs to drug test employees. While drug tests are not random, they can occur due to suspicions.