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What Drug has no Medical Purpose?

There are many drugs flooding the market nowadays. Some of these drugs have no medicinal value but what drug has no medical purpose? In this article, we look at the drugs which have no medical benefit


Also known as crack, or coke, cocaine comes in powder form which users sniff up the nose. Other forms of cocaine include freebase and crack cocaine which is smoked using a pipe. All forms of cocaine can be turned into a liquid and injected.

Cocaine makes users feel super-confident, but it has no medical purpose. After being high with cocaine, then comes the low which is usually traumatic. Cocaine makes individuals do dangerous things when they feel more confident than normal. Apart from damaging your inner nose, cocaine makes the heartbeat faster. This drug also causes high blood pressure or heart attacks.

  • Ecstasy

When it comes to what drug has no medical purpose, ecstasy is one of them. It makes you active and full of energy. It can increase the intensity of colors and sounds. It also eases feelings of love and affection for a short time. Many teenagers consume this drug during clubbing to increase their energy and fun. While the effects last for several hours, ecstasy pills are often not pure. It has many negative effects especially when you mix it with other drugs. Common side effects include depression, anxiety, and memory problems.

  • Heroin

Heroin is a very dangerous drug that is dissolved into a liquid and injected. Many users also smoke or snort heroin. While most of the drugs on our list have no medical purpose, heroin isn’t one of them. The medical form of heroin is diamorphine which is a powerful painkiller. However, most individuals tend to abuse this drug. Heroin is very addictive which means it’s difficult to stop. It can cause loss of life and unconsciousness.

  • Ketamine

This drug is mostly great for feeling relaxed. It is a very strong painkiller and makes you feel as if you were in someone’s body. It leads to hallucinations, affecting the way you see time and space. This is a popular effect known as a ‘trip’. A trip is usually good or bad. Ketamine can affect your heart or blood pressure, making you feel sick. It can also damage your bladder and send you frequently to the toilet. This effect is known as ‘ketamine bladder syndrome.

  • LSD

LSD represents the chemical name for lysergic acid diethylamide. It is also known as acid. It comes in the form of tablets or drops of liquid. Like ketamine, the high from LSD can be good or bad. The good effects lead to relaxation and happiness. The bad effects can make increase fright and panic. It can make visualize things that don’t exist, and these can be good or bad things. Most users experience ‘flashbacks’ when reliving the same experience. It can also lead to suicide or self-harm.

  • Magic mushrooms

Magic mushrooms grow rampantly in the UK, and they come in two forms; liberty caps and fly agaric. You can eat it raw, dry, or mix in drinks. Magic mushrooms also provide good or bad effects. On the good side, users feel happy and confident. On the bad side, users become fearful.

Bottom line

To know what drug has no medical purpose it’s essential to do research. You might be consuming one of these drugs out of ignorance. Therefore, it’s essential to be well educated on these drugs.