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Save Your Money By Having A Medical Cannabis Card

Save Your Money By Having A Medical Cannabis Card

Medical Cannabis Card

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can actually save your money by having a medical cannabis card. California has its sight set on rounding up some income through recreational marijuana. Producers, sellers, and consumers will all be taxed. Only Medical Cannabis Cardholder who received it from med card, doesn’t have to pay tax.

By obtaining a medical cannabis card, you will be able to save a lot of amounts, that is you don’t even have to pay sales tax on your medical cannabis products. For normal user those haven’t any medical care, they usually pay around 14–20% more for marijuana or cannabis purchases. Suppose, you purchase some marijuana product and its expense is $300, for that purchase you have to give sales tax of 15% extra, which adds up to an extra $45 to your total which means $350 you have to pay finally.  But on the other hand, Medical Marijuana card holders doesn’t have to pay any tax. So in this way you can easily save a lot of amounts.

Recreational users, even those who only occasionally smoke, vape or use edibles will get benefit from getting a medical cannabis card just as much as the regular user. Having a marijuana card will save you up to a whopping 20% to 40% in extra tax fees per purchase. This adds up to potentially save a huge amount every year.

The new Prop 64 law won’t have an adverse outcome on medical cannabis pricing because it releases California medical marijuana card patients from giving taxes, which will keep shopper costs down. It also caps the expense of getting an optional CA state ID card confirming a person’s status as a medical marijuana patient (Prop 215 medical cannabis patient).  The cost for this card is capped at $100 or $50 if you are receiving medical benefits, and with many counties now charging up to $175, that could also lead to savings.

If you are wondering about the benefits of medical marijuana card then check out our article on “Benefits of having a marijuana medical card“

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card Easily:

You can easily get a medical marijuana card online form, Med Card Now without any hassle. We offer a medical evaluation that will correctly determine whether the interviewed party is eligible for the appropriate license to be issued for the use of mmj and related substances. No prescriptions will be offered and the information given will be delivered only in the form of suggestions based on the information directly given in an interview with a member of one of our extremely knowledgeable, caring and ethical Licensed mmj doctors.

Just follow some easy step and get your medical marijuana card in minutes:

  • Easy, Simple & Secure Process

 We have an easy and simple process. No appointment needed, Just answer a few questions about yourself through our Secure HIPAA compliant platform to determine if medical marijuana is the correct treatment for you.

  • Create Account Online

To get a medical cannabis card you need to create an account at MEDCARDNOW. Simply get started by visiting, click Apply Now or Get Started button and answering a few questions about yourself. Your privacy is or top concern. Your information is secure and private with our 100% HIPAA compliant system.

  • Select a Package that is flexible and affordable for you
  • Get your medical recommendation:

We send your Medical Recommendation Delivery Receive digital copy via email and text in minutes! We will mail your recommendation the same day with discreet posting to protect our customer’s privacy. This usually takes 3-5 days to be received.