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Why it’s important to replace your Medicaid card

Medicaid care is essential for your health. It provides health insurance coverage for hospital expenses, expenses, and more. Your Medicaid card consists of a serial number that works as a billing ID number for health care providers. It’s essential to keep it safe so that if it gets lost you can replace it. 

Typically, you need to show your Medicaid card at health facilities before getting covered. You can scan your Medicaid card so that Medicaid can issue the proper reimbursement to the provider of your care.

Many people tend to become careless with their Medicaid cards and they get missing. However, if you are a victim of a lost Medicaid card, there’s no need to worry.

How to replace your Medicaid card

When your Medicaid gets missing, contact your state Medicaid program immediately. Use an online directory to check the phone number for your state’s Medicaid program. Each state has a different procedure so ensure to check the laws of your state. You may receive a pre-recorded prompt telling you how to replace a Medicaid card.

The process of replacing a lost Medicaid card varies from one state to another. This is because Medicaid works differently in each state. Most states will mail you a new card that includes a new Medicaid number. Some states will issue replacement cards online that you may download and print. Online Medicaid replacement cards are fast, and you won’t wait for mail delivery.

What to do if you think your Medicaid card is lost?

Since each state controls its own Medicaid program, replacing a lost Medicaid card will vary by state.

A lost Medicaid card that falls into fraudsters can cause fraud against the Medicaid program. Some people might find your Medicaid card and start requesting huge ransoms. Therefore, it’s essential to report a lost or stolen card immediately.

Medicaid has a team of fraud investigators who do their best to investigate your lost Medicaid card. Filing a report with Medicaid shows proof that your card was reported at a particular time and date.

It’s important to not share your Medicaid card with someone else.  Apart from putting you in legal trouble, sharing a Medicaid card can make you liable for fraud.

How to get a new card?

Since Medicaid works according to state laws, replacing a Medicaid card usually differs. You can choose to get a replacement over the phone. This works by calling your state’s health and human services department. Afterward, order your replacement card using the automated system.

You can also use your Medicaid account online to find the form to request a new card.

Once you call your state’s health and human services department, you’ll need to verify your identity. They usually request your Medicaid ID number, social security number, birthday, and address.

Once you verify your identity, your card becomes approved. You will receive your new Medicaid card in the mail. This usually takes between 10 to 30 days, depending on where you live.