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Medical card vs Pharmacy card

The rise of medical marijuana is due to its medical cards. Currently, you can find medical cards among many cannabis enthusiasts. However, with the use of medical cards, do people still use pharmacy cards. In this article, we will focus on medical card vs pharmacy card.

What is a medical card?

A medical marijuana card legally grants permission for an individual to use and possess marijuana. A medical card makes you liable to treat different ailments with marijuana.

Benefits of a medical card

Reduce cost and taxes: A major benefit to most medical cardholders is lower costs to buy at dispensaries. This is important for those who depend on cannabis for medical issues. If you need cannabis for a specific ailment, then a medical card will provide access to high-quality marijuana.

Medical cards allow patients to have access to their medicine for a lower cost, making their healthcare more affordable and accessible.

Another benefit for medical marijuana cardholders is the amount of medicine you can purchase. Recreational is very limited on the amount you can purchase. A Medical card allows you to apply for an EPC (extended plant count).

Growing your own plants: Some legal states allow citizens to grow their own cannabis plants. People with medical cards can grow more plants at home. This reduces the stress of going to the dispensary every time to get weed.

Access higher THC products: People with severe ailments usually find relief with high-THC cannabis products. Some states legally allow medical card holders to consume high THC products. Ailments like chronic pain, and PTSD usually requires a lot of THC.

Discounts at Dispensaries: Generally, cannabis products are less costly at medical dispensaries than recreational ones. A Medical card offers lower taxes and increases the amount of cannabis you can hold. There is essential to have a medical card.

What is a pharmacy discount card?

A Pharmacy discount card reduces the cost of prescriptions. It’s a free card that allows you to save on certain medications.

How does a pharmacy card work?

Pharmacy discount cards work by associating with pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). Some companies partner directly with pharmacies paving way for lower prices. Pharmacy cards can be a free service to consumers. Also, companies in charge of pharmacy cards receive a small fee from their pharmacy partners.

Benefits of pharmacy card

When comparing medical card vs pharmacy card, you realize that there are a lot of differences.

About 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. suffer from a chronic medical health condition. Conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, or chronic lung disease affect many US citizens.

Even insurance cardholders find it difficult to buy prescription drugs. However, the use of pharmacy cards can help reduce costs. A pharmacy card enables individuals to receive a discount on a specific drug. Therefore, it’s essential to have a pharmacy card. 

Bottom line

When looking at medical card vs pharmacy card you see a lot of advantages and disadvantages. But if you want more benefits you can go for both.