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Marijuana vs Alcohol Impairment

Alcohol and marijuana and two substances that people enjoy consuming. But without a doubt, alcohol has high impairment levels than marijuana. Alcohol is dangerous for driving since it affects one’s complex motor skills. Regardless we should note that marijuana and alcohol both lead to impairments and affect individuals differently. There is a great difference in effects between two individuals who ingest the same amount of alcohol or marijuana.  However, how do we compare marijuana vs alcohol impairment? Let’s find out in this article

Marijuana vs Alcohol

Consuming high amounts of marijuana can impair several automatic functions, but it won’t impair complex tasks. Studies note that marijuana users handle the impairment through different behavioural strategies. Alcohol on the other hand can impair complex tasks. In comparison, alcohol stops the ability to work significantly more than marijuana. Combining alcohol and marijuana produces the most profound impairment. Individuals who consume both are unable to operate machinery or even simple tasks.


Excessively using alcohol can put you off track. People who can’t control their alcohol consumption can experience several physical and mental health problems. Some of these issues are difficult to handle especially when you become an addict.

Excessive alcohol consumption can cause addiction and cancer risks. Alcohol can also cause Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome or “wet brain,” which is alcohol brain damage that results from a deficiency in thiamine or Vitamin B1. The primary cause of Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome is long-term alcohol abuse.

What’s more on marijuana vs alcohol impairment. Chronic alcohol usage promotes life-threatening alcohol poisoning and brain shrinkage. Frequent alcohol consumption can also easily cause accidents. Driving under the influence of alcohol can lead to severe head injuries which can lead to death.


While some people believe that weed is less harmful than alcohol, research shows otherwise. The CDC notes that marijuana is the most common illicit drug in the U.S and more people use it daily.

Most states are legalizing medical and recreational cannabis use but it’s still illegal at the federal level. Data shows that more than one in 10 people become addicts. If you experience a different behavior after consuming marijuana, you may become dependent on it.

Using weed frequently increases the potential of a heart attack. It can also lead to health challenges, such as low blood pressure and diabetes. It also affects a person’s mental health especially if the individuals already suffer from depression, and anxiety. According to the CDC chronic weed usage promotes psychosis or schizophrenia.

Marijuana vs alcohol impairment: Are they the same?

Marijuana impairment is different from alcohol impairment. Most research shows that using too much alcohol facilitates a deadly overdose. Alcohol poisoning can lead to death but there’s no known death from consuming too much weed. Excessive cannabis consumption can make you extremely high also known as greening out.

Greening out is mostly due to THC. This illness comes with dizziness, sweating, vomiting, and sudden anxiety. Individuals may also experience high heart rates and low blood pressure as their blood vessels become dilated. Nonetheless, there are no cases of death due to cannabis toxicity.

Bottom line

When it comes to marijuana vs alcohol impairment, each has its pros and cons. Both substances can greatly influence an individual’s cognitive abilities. However, to be on the safe side don’t consume any of them excessively.