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Marijuana Versus Prescription Drugs

Medical marijuana offers myriads of health benefits to patients of different ages. With the shortcomings of prescription drugs, medical cannabis is becoming a great alternative. Low-THC cannabis has a high potential for providing patients with a naturally therapeutic alternative.

As we get older, we experience a lot of illnesses. This makes us take a lot of pills in certain situations. Pharmaceutical pills come with tons of side effects which are scary for many individuals. Therefore, most patients need to choose between marijuana versus prescription drugs. More and more people are considering marijuana as a great replacement for prescription drugs. But between marijuana versus prescription drugs who will win? Let’s find out in this article.

A great substitute for harmful Opioids

Opioids can potentially damage your liver damage and essential organs after long-term usage. Also, opioids can worsen addiction as the body becomes more tolerant of the drug. Patients experiencing severe pain usually have one option which is opioids. However, with the rise of cannabis patients get to choose a great alternative. Cannabis can act as a great replacement for opioids without high chances of overdose. There’s no known case of cannabis overdose but it exists for opioids.

  • Less severe symptoms

All medications have side effects, but some side effects are harsher than others. Certain prescription drugs lead to organ damage or addiction. Medical marijuana on the other hand has side effects, but it’s not severe. Marijuana doesn’t cause long-term damage and it’s usually easy to dose.

  • Relieves specific conditions

When it comes to marijuana vs prescription drugs you realize that the latter is bad for the elderly. As we become older, our bodies can’t handle health problems and we tend to get ill all the time. Interestingly, marijuana helps with Alzheimer’s, dementia, chronic pain, arthritis, and other ailments affecting elderly people.

  • Easy to dose and medicate

Marijuana vs prescription drugs usually boils down to your insurance, your doctor, and your tolerance levels. Usually, prescription medications may not be working for certain conditions. Also, when stop taking your medications, you must wait for a while before making the switch. Cannabis is better than prescription drugs because it comes in several dosages and formulations. This makes it easy for patients to easily try out without worrying about withdrawal effects. If you take marijuana and experience side effects, you simply need to reduce your dosage.

  • Versatile in relieving symptoms

Those suffering from multiple medical conditions usually need several prescription pills to get treatment. This can be a financial burden on patients who must buy multiple medications. Marijuana can easily handle all your ailments in one go. Whether you suffer from cancer, epilepsy, or pain you can use cannabis for your ailment. All you need to do is visit a dispensary and get the strain for your condition.

  • Includes several methods of consumption

When comparing marijuana vs prescription drugs, you must consider the method of intake. Prescription medications usually come in a few forms but don’t have many methods of consumption. Cannabis is effective in treating many ailments and has several methods of consumption. Patients can either choose to smoke, vape, or use cannabis topically. You can also consume cannabis sublingually, in the form of capsules, oils, and even edibles.

Bottom line

Marijuana vs prescription drugs is a trending topic. While each has its pros, cannabis tends to have more advantages than prescription drugs. Medical marijuana is so versatile and works to relieve multiple ailments at once.