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Weed kills coronavirus

The word spreading around that Weed Kills Coronavirus is a false claim. The worldwide worry over the COVID-19 virus makes most individuals to take precaution against contracting the virus.

The Covid 19 pandemic is from Wuhan, China. Since then, it has spread massively across the world. As the 2019 corona virus continues to go viral. There have been numerous claims about treatment options.

One that’s spreading over social media is how marijuana can kill coronavirus. Marijuana kills corona virus is a new statement that’s been over social media.

Marijuana kills coronavirus is making people to inquire about different forms of cannabis including about edibles, THC, CBD, and your overall health.

Weed, which is another word for the cannabis plant, can “kill coronavirus,” according to a screenshot on various Facebook and Instagram pages.

The screenshot consists of a picture of cannabis with the headline “breaking news: weed kills coronavirus.” With a subheading saying, “Scientists are shocked to discover that weed kills coronavirus.” The screenshot didn’t show any sources our title. This type of phrase can make many users to believe that marijuana kills coronavirus.  

This post was viral on social media on February 3 to 4. After noticing this post, the Facebook support team immediately took it down claiming it was a false and illegal statement. Before it become illegal, the posts’ combined shares have reached over 12,500. It also had more than 3,700 reactions and 723 comments.

This viral post took the world by storm. The World Health Organization (WHO) responded to this claim by stating that “there is still no specific medicine recommended to prevent or treat” the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

The first antiviral drug against 2019-nCoV was issued in China on February 17, but this drug is not part of the WHO list. The Philippines’ Department of Health also says the claim is false. They advise people not to use cannabis for corona virus.

Cannabis use as a medicine is still under high consideration in most countries. However, its currently legal in Uruguay, Canada, and South Africa. Also, medicinal weed is legal in 33 states while recreational weed id legal in 11 states.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t recognize cannabis as a medicine for corona virus. However, there are reports suggesting that cannabinoids may be useful in treating illnesses and symptoms.

Cannabis has a huge array of benefits but killing coronavirus is not one of these benefits. Although it’s possible that marijuana kills coronavirus, there need to be several studies to backup this claim.

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health has a list of conditions that could be helped by cannabis or cannabinoids based on studies. However, this list doesn’t include coronavirus.

Bottom line

Marijuana doesn’t kill coronavirus. If there are rumors pointing towards this theory, it must have a research backup.

They are many false claims circulating online about cannabis and its use for different health conditions. It’s advisable to check the source of this claims before putting it into practice.