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10 Favorite Jobs that Don’t Drug Test

jobs that don't drug test


If you use medical marijuana then regardless of your health records you might be looking for jobs that don’t drug test. Despite the fact that both recreational and medical marijuana are legal in California according to state law employers are still allowed to conduct pre-employment drug tests and even random drug tests meaning that legal use of cannabis could still cost you a job in California.


If you have a condition that would benefit from the medicinal use of marijuana you can apply for a medical marijuana card online today.


Top Ten Jobs That Don’t Drug Test


If you are looking for some careers that don’t drug test, there are certainly a few jobs that you will need to avoid. You’re unlikely to get a job as a bus or train driver for example or a job that requires you to operate heavy machinery.


However there are plenty of jobs out there that don’t require a drugs test especially now that cannabis has been legalized and is essentially the same as drinking. These could include both big employers and smaller employers and of course there are lots of jobs where you can be your own boss. It is worth noting that most employers will still require a drug and alcohol free workplace and reserve the right to test for drugs if they think workers are inebriated while at work.


jobs that dont drug test


There are however many jobs you can do as an independent contractor. Independent contractors work on a self-employed basis and are therefore not employed or subject to testing requirements.



  1. Target jobs:  Target no longer requires a pre-employment drugs test for most of their positions only testing for certain roles they view as safety sensitive.                  
  2. Goodwill: It have made the decision not to test potential employees for their retail staff.
  3. Restaurant manager: Most small restaurants are unlikely to require a drug test. They will expect you to be drug free on the job but are unlikely to care what you do in your own time. Hardly fast food chains ever bother making you drug test. On the other hand you’ve to be handed a cup before some of the major “family” sit-down restaurants will hire you as a server. local chain restaurants usually don’t test.
  4. Server: As above most restaurants don’t care what you are doing on your days off.
  5. Become an accountant:  This is a job where you can earn good money and be your own boss. Because, In the accounting-related occupations, employers can allow you to avoid such requirements. 
  6. Get into personal fitness: There are many self employed opportunities available where you won’t have to worry about testing.
  7. Become a Chef: When you are cooking it’s all about the food you make.
  8. Online Entrepreneur (Freelancing Work):  You may be a software engineer , programmer , web designer, online marketer, graphics designer or any type of freelancing working can make your personal life your own and don’t need a drug test .


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California Law and Drug Screening


California became the first state to legalize marijuana for medicinal use in 1996 and 20 years later in 2016 legalized the recreational use of marijuana as well. Yet the law expressly allows employers to retain a drug and alcohol free workplace which includes having policies that prohibit the use of marijuana for both employees and prospective employees.


According to the law cannabis use is treated in a similar way to alcohol use. Alcohol is legal for any adult, the same as cannabis but employers can require staff not to come to work intoxicated and discipline them if they do. With this reasoning it doesn’t seem unreasonable to require employees to undergo drug tests if they are thought to be intoxicated.


However, unlike alcohol, employees and job applicants can test positive days or even weeks after the last time they consumed as a test for drugs doesn’t test for current intoxication. Because employers choose their own drug test requirements this can make it difficult for job hunters to know which jobs they should be applying for, especially if they use cannabis medicinally to treat any number of health conditions.



How to Pass A Drug Test ?

Most of the marijuana customers ask and it’s one of the most common questions, “How do I pass a drug test”. In fact, in this area the real answer is to stop cannabis smoking. In a normal sense we should not ask in this way and it’ll be the wrong question. When we truly examine the considerable indignities we are exposed to with drug testing procedures, the invasion of privacy, and the outrageous assumption that an employer has the right to regulate what we do when we aren’t on the clock, why are we subjecting ourselves to this draconian treatment at all. There are several preventive services an employer can take advantage of to improve workplace safety, such as personal protective equipment (PPE) training and worksite risk analyses. Another cost-saving, preventive measure is pre-employment drug tests. The most prominent drug testing specimen types are urine, hair, blood, and saliva. Urine is the most common and is mandated for regulated drug tests, such as those conducted by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT).

Generally drug testing specimen types are urine, hair, blood, and saliva. Urine is the most common and is mandated for regulated drug tests, such as those conducted by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). On the other hand, urine testing has a shorter window of detection when compared to other types, such as the costlier hair drug test.

A Right to Privacy


California is also one of the few states that includes a right to privacy in their constitution which further muddies the waters when it comes to drug testing policies. The courts have held that an individual’s right to privacy is implicated by drug test policies but this does not mean that drug testing is illegal or that it no longer happens. Cases where individuals have been required to undergo a drug test are judged on a case by case basis weighing up the need or reasons for a test against the intrusion.


Courts in California have upheld pre-employment drug testing as long as testing is applied to all applicants and is not used to discriminate a against or exclude applicants with certain characteristics. This means that you could be refused a job just because you use cannabis medicinally and completely within the law.



What Jobs That Don’t Drug Test in California?


Increasingly employers are updating their drug test policies due to the fact that legal cannabis use could exclude otherwise great employees. Some may choose not to drug test at all while others may retain their testing requirements but turn a blind eye to cannabis use letting potential employees know that they must not use it on the job and trusting that they will abide by that rule.


Regular jobs that don’t drug test tend to be those that are not safety sensitive. For example Target only tests for safety sensitive jobs such as security guards and machine operators and Goodwill have stopped pre-employment testing for retail workers.


CompanyPre-Employment Drug TestRandom Drug TestRandom Drug Testing FrequencyHow long to reapply after failing a drug testDrugs Tested
24 Hour FitnessNoNo6 monthsN/A
Dollar GeneralNoNo6 monthsN/A
EldermanNoNo6 monthsN/A
EnterpriseNoNo6 monthsN/A
Food LionNoNo6 monthsN/A
In N OutNoNo6 monthsN/A
KohlsNoNo6 monthsN/A
La FitnessNoNo6 monthsN/A
MarshallsNoNo6 monthsN/A
Olive GardenNoNo6 monthsN/A
Red RobinNoNoSeldom6 monthsN/A
Stop And ShopNoNo6 monthsN/A
Taco BellNoNoSeldom6 monthsN/A
US BankNoNo6 monthsN/A
WawaNoNo6 monthsN/A
WhataburgerNoNo6 monthsN/A
AdeccoUrineNo 12 months1 year COC, THC, PCP, AMP, OPI, BNZ, BAR, MTD, Propoxyphene, Quaaludes
AlbertsonsNoUrineSeldom6 monthsTHC, OPI, PCP, COC, AMP
AutozoneNoUrineSeldom6 monthsTHC, COC, OPI, pcp, AMP, BNZ, BAR
CVSUrineNo6 monthsCOC, THC, PCP, AMP, OPI, BNZ, BAR, MTD, Propoxyphene, Quaaludes
Cracker BarrelNoUrineSeldom6 monthsTHC, OPI, PCP, COC, AMP
GeicoHairNo6 monthsTHC, AMP, MDMA, MDEA, COC, OPI, PCP
DennysNo UrineSeldom6 months
IkeaSalivaNo6 months
Dollar TreeNo Urine3 months6 months
JcpennyUrieNoOnce a year6 months
GamestopNoUrineSeldom6 months
Jewel OscoSalivaNo6 months
KrogersSalivaNoSeldom3 months
MeijerNoUrineSeldom3 months
Labor ReadyUrine No6 months
RossNoUrineSeldom6 months
LowesSalivaNo3 months
SonicNoUrineSeldom6 months
MenardsUrineNoSeldom6 months
SubwayNoUrineSeldom6 months
RalphsSalivaNoSeldom3 months
Toys-r-usNoUrine6 months
SafewaySalivaNoSeldom6 months
UltraNoUrine6 months
SproutsUrineNo6 months
VerizonNoUrineOnce a year6 months
StaplesSalivaNoSeldom6 months
Wells FargoNoUrine1 year
TargetUrineNo6 months
UPSUrineNo6 months
AerotekUrineUrine6 months6 months
AldiUrineUrineSeldom6 months
AmazonSalivaSalivaOnce a month120 days
AppleUrineSalivaSeldom6 months
AramarkUrineUrineOnce a year6 months
AT&TUrineUrineSeldom1 year
Bank of AmericaUrine Urine9 months6 months
Best BuyUrineUrine12 months6 months
BJsSalivaSalivaSeldom6 months
BurlingtonUrineUrineEvery 6 months1 year
CarmaxUrineUrineSeldom6 months
Chick FilUrineUrineOnce a year6 months
Coast GuardUrineUrineOnce a year6 months
ComcastUrineUrine3 months1 year
CostcoSalivaUrineSeldom1 year
CPSUrineUrine6 months
DominosUrineUrine6 months6 months
Family DollarUrineUrineSeldom3 months
FedexUrineUrineOnce a month6 months
GoodwillUrineUrine6 months
GoogleUrineHairSeldom6 months
Harris TeeterSalivaSalivaTwice a year6 months
H-E-BUrineUrine3 months6 months
Home DepotUrineSalivaSeldom30 days
Jack in a BoxUrineUrineSeldom6 months
Jiffy LubeUrineHair6 months6 months
Jp MorganUrineUrine6 months
KmartUrineUrineSeldom6 months
MCDonaldsUrineUrineSeldom6 months
Morgan StanleyUrineUrine6 months
National GuardUrineUrineMonthly6 months
NFLUrineUrineUp to two times per League year6 months
Office DepotUrineUrineSeldom6 months
OReillyUrineUrine6 months
PetsmartUrineUrineOnce a year6 months
Pizza HutUrineUrine1 month6 months
PublixSalivaSaliva3 months1 year
QuickTripUrineUrine6 months6 months
RandstadUrineUrineSeldom6 months
Sams ClubUrineUrineSeldom6 months
SprintUrineUrine6 months
StaffmarkUrineUrineOnce a year6 months
StarbucksUrineUrineSeldom6 months
Waffle HouseUrineHair90 days1 year
WalgreensUrineUrineOnce a year 3 months
WalmartUrineUrineOnce a year6 months
WegmansHairHair6 months
WendysUrineUrine6 months
Whole FoodsUrineUrine6 months
WincoUrineUrine6 months6 months
Winn DixieUrineUrineOnce a year1 year
YMCAUrineUrineOnce a year6 months


              Employers may also be more lenient towards individuals who need cannabis to treat a medical condition. You can get a medical card and a doctor’s recommendation quickly and easily by applying online today. In this way, the types of jobs that might require you to undergo drug testing are typically those that demand some sort of operational responsibilities. So Jobs that don’t drug test require you to operate machines, lift heavy loads, or any type of job that involves safety. Another type of job that might require drug testing are high-level jobs in the business and legal sector and jobs within healthcare.