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Detox Your body from Weed Fast – How-To

how to detox your body from weed

Do you want to remove all traces of THC? Do you need to flush marijuana out of your system, but have no clue how to do it? 

Smoking weed for recreational use can leave plenty of THC in the system. This compound can have psychedelic effects and show up on drug tests. For a proper cleanse, you need the right detox process.

Here, we will show you exactly how to do it. We’ve compiled all the handy tips on detox from weed, including how long it stays in the system, what options to use, and what tactics to implement to avoid dependency. So, let’s get right to it.  

Why Are Marijuana Detoxes Necessary?

how to detox weed from your body fast

Consuming marijuana for extremely long periods can create dependency. When the system becomes used to getting THC, it starts to crave it. When you stop using it abruptly, it will stimulate withdrawal issues. 

Marijuana withdrawal is a typical reaction when the body is struggling to readjust. Regardless of the reason you are using weed, you need to flush it out of the system completely. Based on medical reports, this approach will give your body a tolerance break. 

With frequent uses, the system creates a high tolerance for THC. So, even if you are using the weed for medicinal purposes, you won’t feel the same effects of marijuana. The healing impact will drop, and you won’t be able to use the weed to its full potential. This is a typical problem for marijuana users who take too much of this plant. 

If that happens, the therapeutic properties will slowly dissipate, and you won’t notice any positive results. To avoid this outcome, the first step is to detox. You can choose to do it naturally and wait out the body to flush it out, or you can take it in your hands and cleanse your body by yourself. But, the sooner you do it, the better. 

How Long Will Marijuana Stay In the System?

According to Medical News Today, the duration this plant remains in the human system greatly depends on what you use it for. Some people use it on the hair, consume it orally, or smoke it. Here is how long it takes for THC detox to flush out naturally:

  • Blood – 36h
  • Hair – 90 days
  • Saliva – 48h
  • Urine – 3 days to a month (or more)

In many cases, the cannabinoid will leave traces in the sweat that last for more than a week. But, how the THC impacts the system, it will vary from person to person. Some people may notice more impactful strains than others. 

How To Detox Your Body From Weed?

Do you have urine drug tests coming up, and you feel uneasy about the whole thing? No biggy! There are many ways you can overcome the problem and be on your merry way. Here are a few methods you might want to try. 

  1. Flush Out the Weed Naturally

If you smoked weed, wait for the system to naturally detox the body. With the body’s natural digestion process, you can do a proper drug detox anywhere. 

If you got the time, you don’t need kits, programs, or pills. If you follow a proper diet, are physically active, and stay hydrated, the weed will leave the system in 4 to 6 weeks. 

For people with a quick metabolism and low water retention, the process can go a lot smoother. While it isn’t the fastest method, it is definitely the most natural approach and it works just well.  

2. Have Plenty of Water

The high water intake will be the key to flushing out all the THC metabolites. In fact, no matter what you are trying to flush out, you will need water. This drink is a natural cleanser. The body needs it to dilute the urine and make the residual metabolites harder to detect. This technique cleanses the urine in 24 to 48h. 

3. Try a Detox Drink

how to detox your body fast from weed

Sometimes drinking a lot of water can get boring. That’s why you can crank it up a notch with detox drinks. These beverages have a neck for expelling metabolites from the system. They also have potent compounds that replenish all the nutrients in the body and force the urine to pass more frequently. 

A typical choice would be cranberry juice. Feel free to make your own juice from whatever ingredients you prefer. 

4. Include Zinc Supplements in Your Meals

If you have urine tests coming up, you might want to consider adding a zinc supplement to your diet. Based on studies, taking zinc orally can interfere with THC detection in the urine for about 12 to 18h. Due to its fortified effect, zinc can be useful for masking the presence of THC. 

However, it’s not a full-proof method. More research is necessary to figure out the full extent of these kinds of supplements. 

5. Get Some Activated Charcoal

A lot of people are using activated charcoal for its rejuvenating capabilities. But, there is more to it than you might realize. Some people believe this is a great alternative for stimulating the body to remove difficult substances. Plus, medical experts use charcoal to manage overdoses. 

The way it works is relatively simple. The charcoal binds to various substances and triggers the body to get rid of them. The key is in the negative electric charge of the charcoal molecules. When they stick to substances, they use a positive charge. That’s how they trap the drugs and work on the metabolites. 

With the THC metabolites is the exact same case. The charcoal moves through the liver, then the bile, and ends in the intestines. Once it gets to this part of the body, it starts to affect the bloodstream and stimulate the body to flush it out. 

If you also drink water with it, you can speed up the process. This is a handy detox tip you should consider giving a try.

6. Stop Taking Cannabis

No matter what kind of detox method you try, if you don’t stop consuming THC, you are in a world of trouble. All your detox tries will be in vain. What you need is to completely purge the system of any psychedelic effects. The sooner you stop using it, the better the odds of passing drug screening. 

Yes, it will be difficult to control the smoking habits. You might have decreased appetite for some time, but that is completely normal. The body needs time to adjust, and you need to provide the perfect environment for a THC-free system. 

If you don’t think you can handle it alone, you might need addictions treatment. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. A proper treatment center can help you stay on track and live healthily. 

Final Thoughts

Many people think they can immediately get rid of the effects of cannabis after using it. Some even believe once the psychedelic effects pass, you are good to go. But, that’s not the case. 

There is no “miracle” formula that will purge the THC in minutes. It takes a very long time to clear out the system before a drug test, so you have to plan your time accordingly. Of course, even if it takes a while, it doesn’t mean you are out of options. 

There are plenty of methods you can try that have excellent results. We listed all the options here. They can show you exactly how to speed up the whole process and pass your drug test with flying colors.