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Does Cannabis Make You Lazy?


There is a stereotype about weed smokers. People view cannabis smokers as individuals who like to sleep eat and smoke pot. People believe that creative art, hard work and exercise are not the work of stoners. Hard work is possible with cannabis smokers. Smoking weed gives the motivation to do tasks. But it’s a question if cannabis as lazy .

Many hardworking people used cannabis including.

  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Steve Jobs
  • President Obama

The question of ‘does weed make you lazy’ should be retaken into consideration.

Many studies show that weed makes you hardworking than lazy. Let’s look at a study published in the journal Frontiers in Public Health. It debunks the “stoner” myth that cannabis makes you lazy. 

So, does weed make you lazy? Well, this isn’t true. Several studies debunk that theory including.

Cannabis promotes Healthy Weight Management

Let’s look at a study published in a March 2019. This study compared the body mass index of cannabis users to non-cannabis users. Researchers at Michigan State University are good at getting responses from 33,000 adult U.S. citizens.

The study consisted of those who had stopped using of cannabis. Those who were new to using it. Those who had never used it. According to the study, cannabis users gained less weight than those who did not use cannabis.

Cannabis is a preferable option for weight loss than surgery or pharmaceuticals.

Marijuana Use by U.S. Presidents and Olympic Athletes

Former US president, George Washington, cultivated cannabis rich in THC. President John F. Kennedy used marijuana to treat excruciating back pain during his period at the white house.

Famous Olympians such as Michael Phelps, smoked marijuana before and after swimming. All these people mentioned above are hardworking celebrities who used weed for motivation. So, you can’t describe cannabis as lazy.

Although several reports suggest marijuana as lazy, this is because some people use it to sleep.

Poor daily routine which can cause less motivation includes.

  • Poor time management
  • planning
  • exercise
  • feeling relaxed

Most lazy people don’t use cannabis. Saying that cannabis makes you lazy is a myth.

Taking strains into perspective

Medical marijuana doctors in California recommend patients with cannabis. There are three types of cannabis strains.

  • Sativa
  • Indica
  • Hybrid

Sativa strains are known to make users energized and moody.

Indica strains are known to make users sleepy and relaxed. Indica strains provide a calm feeling which doesn’t mean it makes you lazy.

Hybrid strains provide a mixture of indica and sativa effects. They are good for those who want to both effects.

Choosing the right strain is essential in whether weed will make you lazy or not. Indica strains make you sleepy and may make you lazy. To avoid any type of confusion you can choose hybrid strains.

Bottom line does weed make you lazy?

Weed doesn’t make you lazy. It will mostly depend on your reason for using cannabis. If you want to use cannabis to sleep then it will make you sleep. If you want to use cannabis to exercise, then it will make you exercise well.