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Disproving Cannabis Plant Myths

Cannabis is a high potential plant with a lot of medicinal value. However, the medicinal value of the cannabis plant has been highly masked by its skepticism. Over the last couple of years, the support for cannabis legalization has increased. The massive overturn in the cannabis industry means cannabis will finally be recognized for its healing properties.

As the stigma around cannabis decreases, the popularity of the plant has reached an all-time high. This is mainly because people have realized that all that was said about the negatives of cannabis was false. The legalization of cannabis around the globe means it’s essential to know the facts surrounding the plant. From causing turning you into a killer to being a gateway drug, we will disprove the myths surrounding cannabis.

Cannabis plant is a gateway drug

This is one of the popular myths surrounding cannabis. According to most people cannabis is just the first step before rising to other harder drugs such as crack. However, this is false. If you consume cannabis, you will be ok with the satisfaction it gives you and won’t seek harder drugs and that’s why there’re some jobs that don’t drug test while recruiting .

Consuming raw cannabis plant will make you high

It’s impossible to become intoxicated just by consuming the cannabis plant in its pure form. The psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant (THC), which is responsible for the high, only becomes activated when applied to heat. Therefore, those who claim that raw cannabis can get you high are false.

Marijuana reduces the ability to have sex

Several reports from marijuana critics state that consuming marijuana will make you lose the desire to have sex. It was also reported that boys who consume cannabis have a high chance of remaining single. Nonetheless, this is false. According to a survey conducted by doctors, it was showed that individuals consumed cannabis tend to like girls a lot. The studies also showed that cannabis plant reduced anxiety, making it easier to communicate and socialize.

Marijuana plant is highly addictive

The urge to consume marijuana every day is not addiction, it simply love for the plant. People who consume cannabis every day can decide to stop at any time and this is not considered an addiction. Marijuana is not like other harder drugs which make people sell their properties just to buy it. Cannabis can easily be overpowered and therefore it’s not addictive.

Putting an end to weed is easy

Quitting cannabis can be a difficult task for long-term smokers. This is because they can benefit from the healing properties of the plant and thus putting an end to marijuana can cause several symptoms to arise.

It turns you into a killer

This was the myth that resulted in the war on drugs. Many people believe that people who steal, kill, and do other bad acts consume cannabis before acting as such. Cannabis can’t turn you into a killer or a rapist unless it’s what you desire. The truth about the cannabis plant is that it functions according to your mindset. If you desire to steal, then cannabis will make you a thief but if you desire to do good then cannabis will make you a good citizen.

Marijuana is safe

Although cannabis is considered a perfect alternative to opioids, it doesn’t mean that the plant is safe. Consuming cannabis in the form of smoke is harmful to health. However, using other methods such as tinctures and edibles makes it safe for your health.

The Bottom Line

Now we know that some of the popular myths surrounding cannabis are false. So, it’s time for us to change our mentality towards cannabis so that people around the world can benefit from its wide array of benefits.