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Common Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms

Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms

Marijuana withdrawal symptoms are usually hard to overcome for many people. However, there are a few tricks that can help you reduce these symptoms. Firstly, you must be mentally strong and stay away from cannabis no matter the symptom.

Marijuana withdrawal symptoms can be difficult depending on the longevity of consumption. Furthermore, these symptoms are not different from those of nicotine and alcohol withdrawal.

Here are some common marijuana withdrawal symptoms.


Irritability and anger are popular amongst previous cannabis users. These feelings can become intense the more you abstain from cannabis. However, resuming cannabis consumption will make you less angry.

The good news is that you don’t need to resume cannabis to stop the irritability. There are several ways to reduce the severity and frequency.

A common way is by lowering your intake. You can also consider using edibles rather than smoking cannabis or vaporizing it.

Lack of appetite

This is one of the first marijuana withdrawal symptoms. However, it usually fades in a couple of days if you don’t consume cannabis. Some users acknowledge that they gain appetite during their periods without marijuana. This is due to the way THC influences hunger hormones.

Many consumers find that abstaining from cannabis makes them crave sugary foods. Loss of appetite can also become severe if you have depression.


Insomnia is another common marijuana withdrawal symptom. Interestingly, insomniacs can find relief by taking melatonin supplements. If you can’t sleep due to cannabis you may need some time to naturally get back to normal.

When you regain your normal sleep pattern, your irritability and anxiousness will reduce. Also, if you have insomnia from cannabis, you should avoid coffee or coke. Since coffee contains caffeine, it may act as a stimulant to prevent you from sleeping.


Anxiety is a less common symptom among marijuana withdrawal patients. However, most users still face it. Interestingly, anxiety from cannabis withdrawal only lasts for a couple of days. Therefore, if you have insomnia due to anxiety, then it may take several weeks to reduce. Since anxiety and insomnia work hand in hand, they may be difficult to treat.

Anxiety heightens if you are suffering from symptoms such as lack of appetite. Therefore, we recommend you get the best possible treatment for this condition. Furthermore, if you resume cannabis use during this period, your anxiety may worsen. 


Depression is common amongst marijuana withdrawal patients. If you use cannabis for motivation, then it will lead to depression when you stop it. Interestingly, the depression usually within a few weeks or months. You can gain relief by eating healthy, exercising, taking chamomile tea, and melatonin supplements.

Furthermore, those experiencing this symptom should also consider visiting a physician. Depression is a serious mental condition that worsens over time. It may also prompt conditions like anxiety or suicidal ideation. Many healthcare providers offer numerous treatment options for depression.

Bottom line

There are many marijuana withdrawal symptoms. You can overcome these symptoms by simple motivation and endurance.