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Cannabis and telemedicine

Before the coronavirus outbreak, many states had not allowed marijuana telemedicine. Telemedicine is a visit between a health care provider and patient through telephone, smartphone, computer, or laptop, and usually involves the use of cameras. With the continuous spread of Covid 19, many people are forced to stay at home, and this has resulted in a high need for telemedicine for medical marijuana patients. Most legal cannabis states now allow medical marijuana telemedicine as an appointment alternative. Currently, we don’t know whether states that temporarily permit marijuana telemedicine will continue their work when emergency provisions/orders on medical marijuana telehealth come to an end in each state. During this period, many states have seen the essence of marijuana dispensaries which have enabled medical marijuana patients to obtain their medicine during the lockdown.

The Benefits of Telemedicine Medical Marijuana Evaluations

The increase in the advancement of digital technologies has sparked innovations in different sectors and changed the way we interact and connect. In healthcare, digital technologies have created a revolutionary technological advancement—telemedicine. Although the notion of a virtual doctor’s appointment is not a new phenomenon, it’s only until recently that it’s being put into practice.

The ongoing covid-19 pandemic and the strict regulations implemented at the state and federal levels have made it difficult for individuals to visit their local physicians for appointments and evaluations. This has resulted in the use of telemedicine to help solve the problem while also providing several benefits in the process.

This article focuses on the benefits of telemedicine for medical marijuana evaluations.

Medical Evaluation with no stress

Due to recurrent lockdowns, the best way to keep yourself safe is to stay at home and practice social distancing. Telemedicine evaluations make it easy for you to do just that. With telemedicine, a state-licensed medical marijuana practitioner will evaluate you from the comfort, convenience, and safety of your own home.

Higher Patient Reach

While there is a shortage of physicians in the country, the use of telemedicine services can help increase provider networks to make it easier for more individuals to gain access to healthcare. This also involves people willing to schedule appointments for medical marijuana evaluations.

Greater Accessibility for Cannabis and Telemedicine

The process of telemedicine evaluations can’t be a burden for patients. After completing the simple registration and sign-up process for your favorite clinic, you can schedule a video-chat appointment with a licensed online physician. After approval, you’ll be qualified to receive your medical marijuana certificate and recommendations. Most telemedicine platforms are also mobile-friendly.

Saves You Time

Since telemedicine gives you access to a doctor instantly, it will save you the time spent traveling to a clinic. You save the time of going through lengthy commutes and waiting room and use that time to take care of yourself.

Medical Marijuana Doctors Also Benefit from Telemedicine

With Telemedicine, doctors can expand their number of consulting patients beyond physical offices and increase office hours. Doctors offering telemedicine as an alternative experience more social distancing and enough space to carry out tasks.

Bottom line

Studies show that patients who have utilized telemedicine aim to do it again. Telehealth offers doctors the chance to create new and more patient-friendly models for the delivery of care.