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Need to know before buying marijuana seeds

Despite the growing popularity of cannabis, the public still sees it as a bad drug. Therefore, most people usually have the habit of hiding weed. Some people also prefer to buy marijuana online rather than in physical shops. When looking for marijuana seeds for sale, you need to look for legit seed banks. Some seed banks have more effective seeds which are good for beginner growers.

Nonetheless, buying cannabis seeds can be tedious sometimes. However, preparing before time can be a good way to get the best from your seeds.

How to buy marijuana seeds online?

Online seed banks usually have many marijuana seeds for sale. Sometimes you may need to research which seed bank is legit. 

Various seed banks have their offerings and specialties. You can choose between indica, sativa, and hybrid seeds. Also, some seeds are more difficult to grow than others. You should ask your budtender about the nature of the seed before buying.

Testing out some of the best cannabis seeds is a good way to understand how they work. You’ll also understand the various stages of growth as well as learn how to harvest. Before buying cannabis seeds check for the available shipping methods as well as the company’s reputation.

Finally, some banks offer special packs of seeds for beginners which is great for novice growers.

When determining which seed bank to try, consider the following factors.


This is an essential factor when looking for marijuana seeds for sale. Each seed bank may offer different types of cannabis strains, which are very similar. Once you do choose the preferable seed, you want to make sure it’s original.

Choosing a seed bank with a huge reputation is the first step to getting good seeds. You can also take advice from some friends with experience in cannabis seeds. Some seed banks also have reviews on or similar websites.

Germination assurance

It’s quite simple to turn your cannabis seeds into cannabis plants. There are many articles online showing how to grow cannabis seeds. You should do your research on the best seeds which can grow in your environment.

Some seeds might not germinate because of poor handling. However, if you buy seeds that don’t germinate, many cannabis seed banks will offer a refund.

Types of Marijuana Seeds

There exist different types of cannabis seeds to suit your growing conditions. Common examples include.

These are two different types of seeds that you can buy. Each of them works well for is great for beginner growers but at an extra cost.

Feminized seeds

These types of seeds are good for those who want to avoid male seeds from pollinating females.

Feminized seeds contain only contain seeds for female plants. This reduces the stress of having to remove male plants.

Auto-flowering seeds

These types of seeds will always flower after several weeks of growth. Auto-flowering seeds are better than regular seeds because they require less time.

Final thoughts

Buying your cannabis seeds is great if you want fruitful plants. There are hundreds of different strains of cannabis seeds for sale. Knowing the best cannabis seeds is essential for a successful harvest.