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Cannabis on Headaches – Managing a Hangover

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Can weed really cause a hangover? This question puzzled countless scientists for decades. Despite debates over the years, weed hangovers are a real thing. While there is no guarantee you will experience it after a heavy night of smoking, it can be a prominent issue for some users if the effects of cannabis on headaches. 

Recognized by the feelings of sluggishness, haziness, and grogginess, a cannabis hangover can be incredibly hard to deal with. If you want to know the most effective methods for managing this problem, you’ve come to the right place. 

We compiled all the practical info on recognizing, treating, and preventing hangover symptoms. We also added some useful studies scientists researched over the years on the residual effect of cannabis on headaches, including studies on whether or not the plant can result in a hangover.

Can Marijuana Cause a Hangover?

Medical cannabis and cannabis on headaches have been the center of attention for many years. But, using weed for recreational purposes has always been the target of heavy criticism. 

Users all across the globe believe that drug abuse, even when using something as beneficial as cannabis, can be a serious problem for health. Sometimes even resulting in a hangover. 

Many scientists have studied the cannabis effect on brain cells and the effects of cannabis on headaches. But, only a handful of trials describe hangovers from this plant. Some believe marijuana has no potential to cause such an after-effect, while others state the complete opposite. We decided to evaluate all the available research you may find useful. 

  • Research That Says It Can

According to the National Library of Medicine, there is more to smoked weed than it meets the eye. Based on the reports, weed causes a hangover. Researchers evaluated 13 volunteers who used marijuana for recreational purposes. In some of the volunteers, it showed there is a chance they would experience a hangover. 

The effects, however, were not just present after use. They were also evident the morning after. Another clinical report showed that smoked marijuana could cause daytime fatigue the morning after. 

Further research also supported the same results. Not only can the substance abuse cause morning fatigue, but it can also have potent after-effects like irritability and mood changes, which is why some users may feel miserable the next day. 

When THC influences the brain, the high can last from 2 to 3 hours. If an individual were to take excessive amounts, the residual effects would persist. In many cases, this can lead to a hangover. 

  • Research That Says It Can’t

Not every study proves weed has a negative after-effect on the brain cells. According to one clinical trial published in the late 90s, smoking weed in a controlled setting didn’t cause any adverse effects typical for a hangover. 

Instead, the volunteers who did smoke cannabis noticed that the effects of the plant slowly dissipated after 3.5 hours. They didn’t experience any fatigue the morning after.  

Another research report showed similar results. Experts explain that the effects of smoking weed can last from 1 to 3 hours. Therefore, it is very unlikely that people will experience a hangover one day after smoking. But, with cannabis edibles, it can be a different story. The effects may last much longer.

Typical Signs of a Cannabis Hangover

The truth is, not every researcher believes cannabis can result in a hangover. But, the number of studies who do claim it affects psychomotor functions, easily outnumber those who don’t for the effects of cannabis on headaches .

It’s evident that some people do experience a hangover after taking CBD products. That’s why it’s important to notice the symptoms and treat the problem on-time. These symptoms are not the same as an alcohol hangover. 

And for many users, they are far more tolerable than the ones induced by alcohol. If you’ve taken higher doses of marijuana, you can recognize the after-effect by the following symptoms:

  • Brain fog
  • Headache
  • Exhaustion
  • Dry mouth 
  • Sluggishness
  • Dry eyes
  • Mild nausea

For many users, a common symptom is feeling a little off. After using excessive amounts, the effect of the weed will linger and last for a couple of hours. As a result, it can impact peoples’ concentration, focus, and energy.

But, if a person is constantly using the substance, they will be prone to marijuana withdrawal. They may experience mood fluctuations, trouble sleeping, and staying focused. In cases such as these, the hangover may be a sign of more serious drug abuse. 

5 Remedies to Treat Marijuana Hangover

A cannabis hangover usually goes away on its own. There isn’t really an immediate fix that will get rid of the problem. But, there are multiple options that offer relief. Here is a couple you can try. 

  1. Water

Too much weed smoking causes dehydration. To regulate the symptoms of dry mouth and eyes, you need a proper marijuana detox. That’s where water can come in handy. Drink plenty of water during the day, and you can flush out all the THC from the system. 

  1. Caffeine

Caffeinated tea or coffee can be an excellent option for managing a weed hangover. This compound narrows down the blood vessels and improves blood pressure. That’s how it enhances your focus and concentration. 

Since the hangover will make you less alert, caffeine will be the “morning fix” you are hoping for. However, do have in mind that caffeine doesn’t hydrate the body. It’s a way to make the mind feel more alert, not replace water. To avoid making your dehydration worse, you should drink water right after consuming caffeine. 

  1. Nutritious Breakfast

Cannabis strains the nervous system, which may be the reason behind its after-effect. To control the discomfort and fatigue, it’s a good idea to eat a well-balanced and highly nutritious breakfast. You can get a small plate of whole grain carbs paired with healthy fats and lean protein. 

  1. Shower

A shower is more than just a way to stay clean. It can refresh the body and rehydrate the skin. After hours of smoking weed, the skin can feel dry. With a steamy shower, you will open up the airways and clean the pores. The water will feel refreshing and help you regain your focus. 

  1. Pain Meds

If the headaches are getting gradually worse, you may want to consider taking an over-the-counter medication. Something like ibuprofen or aspirin can help soothe the pain. 

How to Prevent a Hangover and the effects of cannabis on headaches

Like any hangover, a weed hangover can be prevented. As long as you take the drug in moderation, you won’t have anything to worry about. Experts claim you can reduce your health risk if you:

  • Minimize and control the drug use
  • Stop smoking if you notice cravings
  • Avoid such substances completely
  • Avoid taking large doses

As you can see, it’s essential to be in control of your drug use, whether you are using cannabis for its recreational or medicinal properties. 

Final Thoughts

With medical cannabis getting legalized in many states and countries all across the globe, people have much easier access to it than they did before. Some use it in excessive amounts and have the effects of cannabis on headaches, which makes them vulnerable to addiction. Others only experience minimal side effects, like a hangover. 

While there isn’t enough research that studies the effects of cannabis on headaches, it’s a good idea to learn how to manage it. Depending on their tolerance, the effects of the plant will vary. The tips we listed here can help you do exactly that. 

Of course, there is no immediate hangover cure. They are just methods that can provide much-needed relief. Have you tried any of these options before? Did they work for you? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.