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5 Best California Recreational Dispensaries in 2020

California Recreational Dispensaries

California is the real Kingdom of cannabis, where the strains have been genetically modified for bringing perfection. Marijuana is entirely legal in California which got approval from the government in 1996 for medicinal use and from 2016 for recreational use. So if you are an adult, no one will prohibit you from growing, using, transporting marijuana for personal purposes. For using marijuana for recreational purposes, the dispensary owner must have to be registered as a legal recreational dispensary and have the paper of government permission. In this article, we have discussed 5 Best California Recreational Dispensaries in 2020.

Best California Recreational Dispensaries

One Log Tree House: 

One Log Tree House is one of the most famous & elegant dispensaries in Northern California located just north of the Mendocino & Humboldt border and south of the Richardson Grove State Park. The climate and fertile soil of Humboldt is so perfect that it has become an ideal place for having cannabis, not only that here the plants are about 15 feet high that’s why you will not suffer from the short supply of weed in this dispensary. It’s the most exotic and fantastic dispensary in the state which is built with giant redwood situated on the bank of Eel river which changes the environment & view of the dispensary. That is why it is easily one of the Best California Recreational Dispensaries right now.

RCP Sacramento: 

RCP Sacramento is the most updated medical marijuana dispensary located in the northside of California, and a medical marijuana patient can blindly trust this dispensary because all the flowers are strictly tested in the SC labs for ensuring the highest safety. A qualified patient can access in the dispensary for having a safe, convenient & affordable environment and the well-trained staff will you acclimate with the browsing products. No doubt this will always take place in top California recreational dispensaries.

Magnolia Wellness: 

Magnolia Wellness is one of the first dispensaries in the nation located in Oakland, California, which is mainly recreational and medical cannabis dispensary. The dispensary is famous for procurement, safe product, patient relation and business operation which are kindly handled by executive director Debby Goldsberry. The Dab Bar and Vapor Lounge is known as a recreational centre where you can use the accessorial volcano vaporizer with your friends. Make sure you visit this recreational dispensary in California as well.

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Golden State Greens: 

Golden State Greens is the best medical & recreational marijuana dispensary in San Diego. It is located at 3452 Hancock St, San Diego, California and the flagship stores are situated at Pacific Beach & Ocean Beach. 25% discount is provided for the resident of San Diego and not only that you will have the facility of online order & legal weed delivery at any time. A vast collection of shelf flowers, wax, resin, oil & other products, that’s why the dispensary is very famous to the local people. These are enough to make it one of Best California Recreational Dispensaries in 2020.

Purple Lotus Patient Center: 

Purple Lotus Patient Center is the number one dispensary in San Jose which is located at 752 Commercial St, San Jose, California and providing quality service, affordable products, comfortable environment are the goal of this dispensary. You will have the most exotic cannabis of the Bay area with over 50 strains & 100 products, and the purple-coloured strain is the speciality of this place.

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There are not too many dispensaries in California, even though medical marijuana has been legal for some time. If you are looking for California medical marijuana dispensaries online, Hope you will get an idea from this article about the best California recreational dispensaries in the state in 2020.